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Working on a New Book

Yes, I’m working on a new book.  No, it’s not public information as of yet.  Yes, I’ll post details here soon.  No, it’s not about you.


Literary Death Match

I’ve been invited to be one of three judges at the next Literary Death Match.  It’s at DC9 on March 7th.  Come in and watch me judge and pretend that I’m not threatened by other people’s talent.

As Close As I’ll Ever Get to Olivia Wilde

Do you think she’s telling her friends that we’re both quoted by The Blue Print Cleanse?

23 and 1/2 Hours: What Is The Single Best Thing We Can Do For Our Health?

This is totally worth your time–and pretty clever too.    

The Fatty Paperback!!

The I’m With Fatty paperbacks have landed in bookstores. Yes, I’m on the cover of my book. Yes, I know I look kind of insane. Would you believe it if I told you that’s the look we were going for during the photo shoot? Click here to buy it. If we sell enough copies, at…

Only 10 Days Left to Eat?!

My cousin Jeremy Young (who’s a senior producer at Al Jazeera English) sent this article my way this morning.  Imagine knowing that you only had 10 days left with the use of your stomach.  What would you do?

Are You Watching the Best Show on TV?

I’m an avid fan of Louis C.K.  Without a doubt, the best stand up out there these days.  His show, Louie, on FX is fantastic.  Truly worth your time. I’m also crazy about writer, Chuck Klosterman. When I decided to write my first book, reading Klosterman was like a masters class in the type of…

You Like Me. You Kind of Like Me.

Asian Skinny just listed four great food books. I’ll take an honorable mention in this crowd.

Extreme Writing Now: Adventures of Mad Writers

Doing this great radio show on writers & writing tonight at 6:30 EST. They’re cool folks. Should be a fun interview. Click here for the link and listen LIVE.